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University Park, Texas Custom Home Interior

Rossi Custom Homes has been in the custom home business for over 30 years. Our custom homes begin with the designs of architects and engineers who specialize in the designs and specifications of
Highland Park and University Park, Texas. We then employ the best subcontractors in the business, with whom we've had relationships for over two decades, to take that vision through to a finished product. Each customer, neighborhood, and custom home is treated uniquely.

University Park Home by Rossi Custom Homes
4409/4411 University
University Park, Texas

This gorgeous custom single family attached home by Rossi Custom Homes is located on an ideal lot on coveted University Blvd in University Park, Texas.

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4413/4415 University
University Park, Texas

This fabulous custom Home by Rossi Custom Homes features granite and marble countertops, brick & stone masonry, and hardwood floors.

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University Park, Texas Custom Home Interior 2

Highland Park and University Park Texas are two of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex's premier living communities. The Park Cities features tree lined streets and village style commercial and public centers that define it's character and sense of small community. The Highland Park Independent School District is among the best the State of Texas has to offer.

The challenge is that the Park Cities is just 22 square miles and finding the home of your dreams can be far from easy. Rossi Custom Homes has approached it's Park Cities business by building years of relationships with both the realty and banking professionals who specialize in the Park Cities. As a potential buyer, you can work with Rossi Custom Homes to find the right property and let us own the process from tear down to final construction of the custom home of your dreams in either Highland Park or University Park, Texas.

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